EL is an Arizona based band comprised of the following four members.

Jason Prichard – lead vocals, drums.  Jason has been known to sacrifice parts of his body in the name of science.   As a Mulder of minds he challenges humans to believe and seek the truth. 

John Banks – guitar, vocals.  Known aliases: Papa Color, Colonel Plumber Grizzly Manson.  John manages top secret nuclear facilities in his daisy duke shorts.  He is also a member of Road Ragers Anonymous.  John has been known to tow trailers at breakneck speeds over rough terrain and destroy windshields with his fists while cursing other drivers, all while being fabulously fashionable.  He also has mad trampoline skills.

Justin Beemer – guitar, electronic devices.  Beemer is an audio engineer, is honing his videography skills, and composes beautiful electronic music under the moniker BeemasterJ.  He is the band’s inside man for pulling bank heists and is also the band’s resident conspiracy theorist.  

Samuel Lersch – bass.  Don’t let Sam’s mellow and quiet exterior fool you.  Sam is as strong, suave, and smooth as his bass lines. He is a master metal craftsman.  The toughest, most brittle metals become malleable in his hands.